A New Era Begins: Lacoste Autumn-Winter 2019

A New Creative Director

Creative Director Louise Trotter comes to Lacoste with a talent for defining elegant yet relaxed silhouettes for men and women. For her first show, she was inspired by some of the brand’s historic figures: René Lacoste, his golf champion wife, Simone Thion de la Chaume, and his tennis partner and friend, Suzanne Lenglen.

Louise Trotter, Lacoste Creative Director.

Freedom, elegance and modernity: René Lacoste and his sporting lifestyle, embodied by the crocodile emblem. Simone Thion de la Chaume, René Lacoste, Suzanne Lenglen.

3 Autumn-Winter Looks and Accessories

René today.

Innovative and elegant.

Simone today.

Confident and feminine.

Suzanne today.

Free and contemporary.

Reinvented Tennis Court

Guests plunge into a long green tunnel, and emerge into a world inspired by tennis.

The Lacoste show is at the home of French
champions, the Tennis Club de Paris, in
1895. © Mathieu Baumer

"Community, tenacity, fair play –
I wanted to reconnect with
René’s values in this first
collection." Louise Trotter

Front Of House & Behind The Scenes